Apart from working with individuals, I enjoy working with groups and teams. I find it very important to take care of the soul and heart of the 'mini society' so one can grow on the individual and on the group level as well safely.

My journey as a trainer / team facilitator / team coach started with the volunteer years, as I was responsible for organizing workshops, classes and fun activities for kids. It gave me pleasure to search for games and other activities to make sure everybody will be involved, will have fun and learn at the same time. I can still recall the excitement and the fear when I stood in front of the kids for the first time. Kids with whom I did not speak the same language.

Needles to say, I had to be resourceful and creative to educate and entertain.

The whole learning cycle happened in a very organic way. My inner actress finally could step on the stage and perform!

Since the feedback was great and I felt fulfilled and empowered, I decided to do it in a more professional level, so I took part in many European project abroad to see, how it is done properly. As a part of a local NGOs I could organize workshops, trainings to put all the knowledge into practice, and still, I am a part of those organizationd until today, playing acive role in non-formal education. Workshops are held in varios topics such as team building, conflict management, team coaching on several topics, evaluation meetings, integration meetings and so on.

At the same time, I managed to grow as a leader in the firm, I became responsible for many people, I felt that I needed to implement some of the training tricks in my everyday life to be able to cope with expectations from above and from my people as well. I participated in leadership trainings in all shapes and sizes, I got appointed as mentoring new leaders, and I was given the opportunity to train coach students on a global level which is a true honor for me.

I managed to combine successfuly the ease and flow of the trainings from the civil sphere with the knowledge and perspective of a corporate sphere.

And again, to make it official, I am attending a team coach and team facilitator course to understand the nature of groups, the dynamic that has to be respected and to be able to lead group processes in a safe way.

I offer trainings / group facilitation / team coaching on bellow topics:

Team integration, team building
Identifying goals and principles of a project
Conflict management in the team
Team motivation
Managing changes in the team
Leadership trainings
Giving and receiving feedback
Evaluation meetings
Creating a community