About Me

Life coach & Community servant


Coaching as a profession came to my life when I least expected it, but it was right on time to change values, principle, and most of all, beliefs.

From early childhood I have been dreaming about helping others. One way or another.

In kindergarten times our family home was the stage where I performed to make my family happy and entertained ( I can't remember them complaining, but who know what they went through those times...).

I was dreaming of becoming an actress or a lawyer - close enough, right?! What I knew that I must have a profession that has a purpose, that brings something good to this world, and is connected i to people.

I loved deep-diving into the world of imagination and to create and tell stories to my family that never happened. Those tales were very well-received and still spicing up Christmas dinners. I discovered the power of tales, stories and all the details around the characters in a very early stage of childhood and until this day I can still feel joy, fear or cold in my skin while recalling them.

After finishing law school I found myself sitting in an office at my first workplace ever, surrounded by files, rules and principles that I could not assosicate myself with.  I came to realize that the illusion of a higher purpose, charitable actions started to fade away, and so was my enthusiasm.  My inner Mother Teresa was suffering from seeing the gaps in the system, was feeling paralized and simply useless.

I could not see the way out until I got to the point that lamentation was not enough, my batteries were running out of energy, as I was craving for inspiration, harmony and - little did I know that back then - I needed purpose, most of all.

To break the circle, I moved abroad. I took part in an international volunteer project and I worked with kids in a youth center, provided workshops of variuos subjects with fellow volunteers from all over the world.

I felt free, I felt happy, I felt heard and my soul was dancing, for the first time in my life.

After the project I had to take decision about what's next, and by chance, I got a job here in Krakow, Poland, in a multinational company where I was given a chance to learn a new profession, to explore my competencies, to tranform into a leader, and I got introduced to coaching.

It was love at first sight.

During my first ever coaching session as a coachee, instead of focusing on my own topic, I tried to follow the coach and to map his way of thinking, the logic behind the questions and the hidden purpose of the excercises I had to do. I was amazed by the variety of creative tools, techniques of asking questions and the supporting presence of my coach. As I still had to work on my own issues and insecurities, I decided to reward the hard work with a coaching training at the firm to see, if I really had coaching in my blood.

Appearently, I did!

I became an enthusiastic coach within the company, supporting people with change and support on the journey of transformation. At one point I found myself among the coach supervisors of the firm, leading coaching cohorts for people interested in working with people in an efficent, supportive way. I have never felt more fulfilled in my professional life!

Finally I started to have a purpose, I knew that the direction is good as I had lot of energy. Teaching people reminded me of being in my home stage back in the days. I still did not have a clear mission, motto but it felt so close!

The more I learnt, the more I practiced I got to conclude that I want to go the extra mile and to invest in myself with a transformational life coach course. Mother Teresa got activated and could not wait to be put her on action: to spend the rest of her life talking with people, see them grow and bloom. The course was a true bliss, a journey that made me who I am today.

And who am I today?

A life coach who is enthusiastic about hearing out people with their tales, stories, ideas, needs, struggles; a person supporting change, growth, transformation; a leader whose mission is to give purpose to her people; a communivty servant that is working on creating a safe place for the member of society to inspire each other, to learn from each other and to gow together; a blogger that (hopefully) triggers some thoughts or a smile while posting abot personal development and coaching on Coach szemmel a világ.

And most of all, a curious soul and an active listener who is passionate about individuals.

Because everything starts with you.